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Publisher Sosyoekonomi Society
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The SWPS - Sosyoekonomi Working Paper Series is a platform for academics and researchers in order to disseminate ideas and findings  
of their works-in-progress and, also exchanging of ideas to get contribution to improve or to progress their own methods or researches or  
policy propositions. Working papers are selected by Sosyoekonomi Journal Editorial Board and the Editorial Board may appoint reviewer
(s) if it is required. There is no numbering to accept working papers unless yearly publishing number has not been restricted by Editorial  
Board. The working papers should be written with the writing rules of Sosyoekonomi Journal between 36 and 64 pages.

Please visit Author Guidelines.

Some of these papers may have been pre-print drafts prior to review and publication in Sosyoekonomi Journal or other formal journals.  
Some of these papers may have been presented at International Annual Meetings of Sosyoekonomi Society or at events organised by  
others or at staff seminars in the universities and other institutions. Some of these papers may have been submitted to Sosyekonomi  
Journal but they have offered to be working paper instead of article by editorial board.

All of these papers are the publication of Sosyoekonomi Society with an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and Digital Object  
Identifier (DOI). All of these papers are free of charge and they are available on the Sosyoekonomi Journal web site.

The views expressed in working papers are those of their authors and not necessarily the views of the Sosyoekonomi Society.
SWPS - Sosyoekonomi Working Paper Series

Ergün, O. (2017), "Asimetrik Küreselleşme ve Şiddet, %1'in Postmodern Jeopolitiği ve Sera Etkisi", SWPS Sosyoekonomi Working Paper
Series Nr. 001, Ankara.
Nakiboğlu, A. & A.M. Köktaş & A.G. Gölçek (2018), "İktisâd Bülteni", SWPS Sosyoekonomi Working Paper Series, Nr. 002, Ankara.