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Period Quarterly
Founded 2005
Publisher Sosyoekonomi Society
Scientific, Peer Reviewed, Quarterly

(For Turkish Please Read YAZARLARA DUYURU)

1. Articles not published/presented or submitted for publication/presentation elsewhere accept in either Turkish or British English. Only papers not published but presented in scientific events of Sosyoekonomi Journal may accept for submission.

2. Manuscripts should not exceed single spaced 24 A4 pages with the Times New Roman 11-font character size. Only DergiPark platform welcomes for article submissions.

3. The first page should include in both English and Turkish (i) the title of the article; (ii) the name(s) and the ORCID ID numbers of the author(s); (iii) institutional affiliation(s) of the author(s); (iv) abstract of not more than 100 words; (v) keywords; (vi) JEL codes. The name, address, e-mail address, phone numbers, affiliated institution and position, and academically sphere of interest of the author(s) should indicate on a separate page.

4. Tables, figures and graphs should be numbered consecutively and contain full references. The titles of the tables, figures and graphs should place at the heading of them; the references of tables, figures and graphs should place at the bottom of them. Decimals should separate by a comma. Equations should number consecutively. Equation numbers should appear in parentheses at the right margin. The full derivation of the formulas (if abridged in the text) should provide on a separate sheet for referee use.

5. Footnotes should place at the bottom of the page.

6. All references should cite in the text (not in footnotes), and conform to the following examples:

It has argued (Alkin, 1982: 210-5)....

Griffin (1970a: 15-20) states....

(Gupta, 1982: 286-7).

(Rivera-Batiz & Rivera-Batiz, 1989: 247-9; Dornbusch, 1980: 19-23).

7. References should appear at the end of the text as follows:


Kenen, P.B. (1989), The International Economy, Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, Inc.


Langeheine, B. & U. Weinstock (1985), "Graduate Integration", Journal of Common Market Studies, 23(3), 185-97.

Articles in edited books:

Krugman, P. (1995), "The Move Toward Free Trade Zones", in P. King (ed.), International Economics and International Economic Policy: A Reader, New York: McGraw-Hill, Inc., 163-82.

Other sources

Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (2003), Financial Stability, Press Release. March 24. Ankara, <>.

Chang, R. (1998), "The Asian Crisis", NBER Discussion Paper, 4470, National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge, Mass.

8. Cited web pages should exist at the References with their full address and certain cited date as follows:

............, <>, 18.12.2019.